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Insecurities Are Loud
"Confidence is silent; insecurities are loud." ~Anonymous
When you are confident , your mind does not feel the need to scream it to the world. You are comfortable with yourself, complacent, and can go about your day with not a care in the world. But when you are insecure, your doubts devour you, they usurp your mind and stamp the light out of every corner. They wail and screech and pound their fists against the walls of your skull like a child throwing a tantrum. They lurk in the shadows they've created, whispering destructive thoughts to you in the quiet moments when all you want to do is to sleep, to think. That glass you dropped this morning becomes a sign that you really can't do anything right, can you? The gazes of strangers become tense judgments of your every move, you become conscious of the way you walk, the way you breathe. The paranoia sets in, because you never know when you'll screw up again, when you'll give them yet another reason to think less of you.
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Shattered Shields Chapter 7 ((FINAL))
Shattered Shields Chapter 7 ((FINAL))
A KotOR II Fan Fiction
A Female!Exile x Atton story
((A/N: We made it guys! It’s taken me an assload of time to upload this but my fanfiction from three years ago is finally on dA in its entirety! The battles are glossed over, because they’re straight from the game and I imagine at least a majority of the people reading this have played.))
Mira, Mical, Visas, and Atton stood just inside the doorway to the central chamber of the Trayus Academy, observing the Sith meditating at its core.
“I say we fire a rocket at her right now, and blow her screaming, burning body into the heart of this planet,” Mira fumed.
“Wouldn’t work,” Atton shot her down. “If there were other distractions, maybe. If she weren’t telepathic, maybe. If you want to kill her like that you need something to occupy her attention, otherwise you might you might just wound her. And then we’d all be in trouble.”
:iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 3 4
Shattered Shields Chapter 6
Shattered Shields Chapter 6
A KotOR II Fan Fiction
A Female!Exile x Atton story
((A/N: Sorry this chapter is a little short, but we’re so close to the end!! Chapter 7 will wrap this baby up for sure!))
The next day, Master Zez Kai-Ell was prepped, burned, and placed in an urn. When the hole was dug, Al placed the urn and gravemarker and regathered everyone for another day of training.
It was on their noon break when T3 approached Al, who had been talking to Atton.
“Dwoo.” T3 chimed as he rolled up.
Atton threw up his hands. “What does that trash compactor want now?”
Al shot him a glare as she knelt down next to the astromech droid. “You found something? What is it, T3?”
“Dwoo wee woo boop boop woo.”
“Really? Show me.” Al started to follow T3, and Atton stood there a moment before deciding he might as well come along too.
“So, what did it find?” he asked.
“An upgrade chip. For an HK model.”
:iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 2 0
Shattered Shields Chapter 5, Part 2
Shattered Shields Chapter 5, Part 2
A KotOR II Fan Fiction
A Female!Exile x Atton story
Four days, for four Jedi Masters. Al, Atton, Mira and Mical would cremate one Master each day, and bury an urn with the ashes. Then one of them would sit up all night in a vigil.
They buried Master Vash that first night, and Al sat up next to the ashes of her mentor, makeshift mother, and friend.
The next day they prepped Master Kavar. After a while of respectful silence, he was cremated and his ashes were put in an urn.
Alriana meditated in the council chamber as they waited for sunset to bury him..
"We need to talk," Atton said, rousing her from her trance as he sat next to her.
"About what?" she asked innocently. She should've known he wouldn't let what she said go.
"Don't give me that, Al. You know what we need to talk about. You. Us. Your death wish."
Al arched an eyebrow at him. "Us?"
He sighed. "Yes, us. I love you, Al. Always have. And I'm not going to sit back and watch you get yourself kil
:iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 3 0
Shattered Shields Chapter 5, Part 1
Shattered Shields Chapter 5, Part 1
A KotOR II Fan Fiction
A Female!Exile x Atton story
Alriana ran to the table to see that it was indeed who she had thought was lying there.
They were in the torture chamber of the Sith Academy on Korriban, and Jedi Master Lonna Vash was dead.
She lay beaten and bloodied on the tabletop, eyes glazed over and staring up at nothing. Alriana’s body was wracked with sobs as she slowly closed her former mentor’s eyes before falling in a despaired heap on the floor.
“Al!” In an instant, Atton was at her side, cradling her in his arms.
“She….she can’t be….she’s…” Al whimpered into his shirt.
“I know, honey. I know.” He smoothed down her hair, comforting her, then turned to look at Mical.
“M-master Vash…” the Disciple trailed off, a single tear escaping from the corner of his eye.
Mical shook his head when he heard Atton
:iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 4 11
Shattered Shields Chapter 4, Part 2
Shattered Shields Chapter 4, Part 2
A KotOR II Fan Fiction
A Female!Exile x Atton Story
(A/n: This is where the POV switching will happen)
Atton felt his heart skip a beat as Al walked up to the edge of his bed, slender form clad in nothing other than her underwear and the shirt she wrapped tightly around herself. He breathed deeply to calm his pulse as she curled up against him, nuzzling his chest. He hugged her tightly, reflecting at the surprising amount of warmth that could come from such a small body. Within a few minutes they were both fast asleep.
Atton awoke in the night to the sound of a pained moan. He realized quickly that it had come from Alriana, who was now squirming under the sheets.
"Shhh," he crooned softly, holding her close. Gradually she relaxed and went back to her seemingly peaceful slumber.
The painful memories still haunted Alriana as she slept next to Atton, but it was nowhere near as bad as when she'd been in the other b
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Hamlet Doodle by Meetra-Scarlette Hamlet Doodle :iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 2 0 Moi by Meetra-Scarlette Moi :iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 2 0 Patched Heart by Meetra-Scarlette Patched Heart :iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 4 0
Living Free
Your lips say one thing,
But your eyes say another.
When I look at you
My heart st-st-stutters.
I shudder to think
Of the things that you say
The second I leave
To go my own way.
The whispers, they spread.
The echoes, they call.
I found our old picture
Still up on my wall.
From before the shit hit the fan;
From before I was used.
Before I knew how it felt
To be hated and abused.
It started with you
And your love to play games.
Why couldn't it have ended with you?
The telling lies, the calling names.
When I was hurting,
It was you that I found.
You taught me to swim,
Right before I could drown.
The light of my life,
The spark in my eyes.
The one who had saved me, 
Who now wants me to die.
It's like you have a switch,
A time bomb in your heart
Of how long you can care
Until you tear me apart.
Almost a year since you "loved" me,
And I can't let it go.
There's a new girl in your sights, 
A new plaything for show.
I've figured out your cycle
To what you call "living free."
So now
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Laurel by Meetra-Scarlette Laurel :iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 1 0 Aiden by Meetra-Scarlette Aiden :iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 1 0 Dragon by Meetra-Scarlette Dragon :iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 2 0 Warrior by Meetra-Scarlette Warrior :iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 2 0 Goblet by Meetra-Scarlette Goblet :iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 1 0 Meh by Meetra-Scarlette Meh :iconmeetra-scarlette:Meetra-Scarlette 2 0


Collection of poetic nothings.
We were opal Tuesdays,
mosaic butterflies
tattooed into the
rose garden curve
of my vertebrae,
gliding me through this wild youth.
But, like Icarus—
I was a sky conqueror
& these silk wings
touched the sun.
My inhalations are heavy,
like the earth he bruises
beneath his fingertips
as I chase silence.
"You've got a tongue
made for words." He says
against the arrogant thorns
of my briar spine.
"Learn to love yourself."
How do I say I love you
without saying I love you?
"I want to replace my heart with you."
You are spider silk woven
into my harvest moon
heartstrings, spider
limbs traveling this road map
of songbird sin.
You are not just in my head now,
you are dancing in the lingering stars
of my night-witch frame
& setting me on fire.
You're not bruised enough
they said,
to write poetry.
Allow these bones to tell your story, Love.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 170 57
A Note
A Note.
Placed on the refrigerator where she knew he'd see it. A message for him. Simple and honest and a bit too bold for her. But she had to let him know. Had to contact him in one way or another. To tell him how she felt.
So there it was. On the refrigerator, where she knew he'd see it.
Three words,
Written in caps,
With a dull point black sharpie.
So when he returned home that night after a long tiring mission. He slipped out of his boots and shuffled into the kitchen. He sat on a bar stool and collapsed, upper body sprawled on top of the counter. Inhaled deeply, out slowly. Eyelids fluttered.
He tilts his head ever so slightly, eyes landing on the fridge. On the note.
Three words,
Written in caps,
With a dull point black sharpie.
His lips twitched. Heart swelled.
With new found energy, he stood. Walked away from the kitchen and into the hall on his right. He followed it all the way down to the back left corner. Her room. The door was closed, but not locked. Carefully, quietly,
:iconarlbee:arlbee 2 0
A lion among sheep.
There are ghosts in my bloodstream
kissing concrete cells &
the bedroom eyes of nerve endings.
( foreign words
engraved into my marrow, birds in my chest
& wars not yet fought between my hips. )
I've taken myself apart every night
since I learned how to swallow a pen
without gagging;
limb by steady limb.
Passed around by grabby hands,
a sold, & borrowed daughter;
I am a lion among sheep,
drunk on life & ink.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 436 96
The Final Battle by SumireHaikuXNA The Final Battle :iconsumirehaikuxna:SumireHaikuXNA 126 33 Dave Strider by Kanda3egle Dave Strider :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 3,572 242 Dave Strider Dave sprite by Kanda3egle Dave Strider Dave sprite :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 3,619 196 Dave and Dirk Strider by Timeless-Knight Dave and Dirk Strider :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 2,893 298 Redemption by Eji Redemption :iconeji:Eji 246 36 KotOR 2  - Rain by KaanaMoonshadow KotOR 2 - Rain :iconkaanamoonshadow:KaanaMoonshadow 634 278 KOTOR 2 - Sorrow by aimo KOTOR 2 - Sorrow :iconaimo:aimo 364 55 Dancing Queen by aimo Dancing Queen :iconaimo:aimo 596 49 infected with love by PixieCold infected with love :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 5,510 244 Atton, the Beautiful Disaster by Eji Atton, the Beautiful Disaster :iconeji:Eji 386 63 Owlz # 1 by ArtInMyAttic Owlz # 1 :iconartinmyattic:ArtInMyAttic 7 0 Wolf by Lyndharia Wolf :iconlyndharia:Lyndharia 25 2 My enemy is a notion, not a nation. by apfelgriebs My enemy is a notion, not a nation. :iconapfelgriebs:apfelgriebs 359 86



It's been 5 years since I wrote Shattered Shields, and about a year and a half since I finished getting it up on dA, and I've found myself thinking back lately on the sequel I'd had planned for it but never got around to. Do you guys think I should give it a shot? Do you want to see Alriana go on a mission to rescue Revan?
"It'll be okay."

He doesn't know why you're crying, and, if you're going to be honest with yourself, neither do you. But the second the first tear falls his arms are around you, comforting words at his lips.

His touch shatters a dam inside you. The instant you feel him that one tear becomes two, two become a dozen, then a dozen more. Even if the crying had had a reason, you would have forgotten it now; you forget everything in that moment. All that exists is the endless flood, and the warmth surrounding you.

You don't know how long you've stayed like that; eventually the unexplained hysteria stops, but you keep your face buried in his chest for a long while, calming your breathing and enjoying his scent.

When you finally pull away, you apologize to him for soaking his shirt and for the situation in general. You confess that you can be emotional and you don't always have an explanation for it, and you thank him repeatedly for being there for you.

"You don't need an apology, or a reason." His fingers ruffle your hair. "And I will always be here for you."

He fetches a box of tissues for you to blow your nose and dry your eyes, and you spend the rest of the day marveling at how your life could be so much more than just bearable with him.


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